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Recent Bower Interview - with Pepper & down mention

This was from sometime in October, I believe:

]Bower Interview - Full

The Gauntlet: Obviously, you are always involved in a lot of different things musically. Are you thinking about your next project at this point, or are you still in recovery mode, with everything on hold for you at this point?

Jim Bower: No. There’s talk of doing a Down record in January. There’s also the release on our own label, Press Pause Cassettes, that’s the name of the label. We’re going to be releasing something by Clearlight. I found five songs that were recorded…I just need to get somebody with Pro-Tools to make it a little better. Also, there’s talk of putting that band back together, just because it was so much fun, you know? It’s pretty certain. Everybody wants to do it. It’s just that right now, the majority of the music scene has their equipment in the place called Fountain Blue. All of their equipment is between the sixth and the eighth floor, and there’s no power there. So if you want to get your equipment, you have to walk your equipment through eight flights of stairs in the dark. So there are a lot of bands that want to do something, but can’t do anything, basically talking about smaller bands that are keeping the scene going. In New Orleans they keep the shows going, keep people coming. And as far as Eyehategod, if Mike wasn’t in jail, we could be playing tomorrow, you know? I’ve also spoken with Philip from Pantera. He’s told me that if we have to, he’ll get in a van and do the whole tour singing with us, just to try to help get the money for Mike. For someone of his status to jump in a !@#$ van…

The Gauntlet: How is Phil doing now?

Jim Bower: Phil is detoxing as well and he is going to assess his back operation, which he has been putting off for a couple of years and he is looking forward to the operation. I think it is supposed to happen in December or January. He’s looking at about six months of that and then we can get back to business. Actually, we can record the record and write the record while he’s still going through rehabilitation. We just can’t tour. Right before the storm hit, we had a dinner scheduled with everybody except Rex. Rex lives in California now, and we were going to talk about touring Europe in January. Down has never been to Europe and I think it would have been incredibly successful and now, it is unfortunate that we can’t do that. As far as putting the new record out, that would be even better.

The Gauntlet: Now, Pepper had evacuated with you when the storm hit…

Jim Bower: He basically evacuated with me and he was in Lake Charles with me and we hung out and shot guns and !@#$. All of my cousins in Lake Charles are rodeo riders and stuff like that, real good, down-to-earth people. So we had a good time. I was actually kind of bummed out to have to go back to New Orleans. Now that I’m back here, there’s a lot of people that have not come back and don’t intend to ever come back, which means it is going to make the economy in New Orleans better.

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