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Bower Power speaks again

This was posted on the down board:

"EYEHATEGOD guitarist JImmy Bower (SUPERJOINT RITUAL, DOWN drummer) spoke to BW&BK recently for an upcoming feature due out in February (issue #94). During the chat he revealed plans for a new Down record, with recording to begin as early as January.

“Down’s a band that definitely works on its own terms,” says Bower. “I’m not gonna lie to you, we’ve been talking about it. But Phillip’s dealing with back surgery. And not to speak for him, but just to be proud of him, he’s clean, too. I mean clean as Clorox, bro. That’s why now he wanted to get his back issue done, take care of it, get back in shape, and come back. I think he’s really gonna shock everyone. He’s had a misfortunate year too. Me and him have been hanging out a lot because we’re both doing the same thing right now and we both had kind of a relative year, so it’s brought us back to being friends again, which was clouded by drugs for so many years. You miss it so much, you know? I’m not gonna speak for Phillip at all, but I just wanna say one thing: I’m so proud of him and I love him. That’s it.”

A new down album in '06?


Can't wait!

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