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Tipitina's Foundation's Workshop feat. members of Down!!!


Tipitina's Foundation Launches New Program: Sunday Music Workshop

Resurrecting a program that was popular in the early '90s, the Tipitina's Foundation proudly announces the Sunday Music Workshop Series, the brainchild of Stanton Moore and Johnny and Deborah Vidacovich. The workshops take place every Sunday from 12:30-3:30 at Tipitina's Uptown, where students have the opportunity to play with and learn from the best musicians in the city. As many of the city's various music programs have been put on hold since the storm, these workshops are serving a vital need in the rebuilding process: passing on the musical traditions to a younger generation. Featured artists so far have included Stanton Moore, Johnny Vidacovich, Kirk Joseph, Theresa Anderson and David Torkanowsky. The workshops are free of charge to all students, who are encouraged to bring their instruments.

Upcoming Workshops:

• November 5: Stanton Moore Quartet with special guests

November 12: Members of DOWN feat: Phillip Anselmo, Jim Bower, Pepper Keenan and Kirk Windstein

• November 19: Stanton Moore Trio w/Robert Walter, Will Bernard + Skerik and Mark Mullins

• November 26: Stanton Moore Quartet with special guests

Well, sincerely I can't play emoticon but I'd do everything to jam with Pepper! emoticon
... and I wouldn't mind to jam with anyone of the other Down members who will be there or Stanton Moore (mmm... I'd make him sign my ITAOG cd! emoticon )

So, Anna, what are you gonna do on November 12? emoticon

"How solid our ignorance-
how empty our substance
and the conscience
keeps bleeding
and decay is slow-
children grow."
Jack Kerouack

"Fuck is a dirty word
but it comes out clean."
Jack Kerouack
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