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posticon PJK fan since '92

 Hey all!! Wow this place is pretty desolate..Where are all the hard core Keenan fans??
 My name is Melissa,Im a Pepper Keenan fan from southern California (I feel like im in AA), I've been a fan since around 1992, a family member had me listen to "Vote with a Bullett" on "Blind" (COC) and I was hooked, emoticon emoticon I've been to 4 COC shows here in southern cali and 3 Down shows ever since and have had the amazing pleasure of meeting Pepper 6 times. He IS thee best Guitar player i've ever listened to (Dimes is very close)!! I looove his voice. emoticon One of my favorite Coc songs is "Clean my wounds", wait I cant decide on that or "The snake has no head"?? I have soooo much more to say about Pep but I gotta run. Just wanna say thanks to Pepper for all the ass kickin music you've graced us with and to all you hard core Pepper fans keep on Rockin'!!
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