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Pepper Talks Down

Just some random quotes of Pepper's about his side project band, Down:

A fired erupted from a stage monitor during Down’s set in Mansfield, MA. The whole incident was caught on film. Guitarist Pepper Keenan says of the incident, "Technical crap. !@#$ blew up, everything blew up. It was on fire, but it doesn't matter. We shoot
from the heart. We're about the music. If !@#$ blows that just happens.


 Down wrote and recorded Down II in 26 days last year at Anselmo's huge ranch in New Orleans, and they were on the clock the whole time. The gear they rented was only around for the allocated time, after which it was removed on huge trucks. So once the stopwatch was triggered, the bandmembers locked themselves in the compound and worked feverishly. Despite the intense pressure, the material flowed quickly and suffered not one iota in quality.

"The riffs these guys were writing just kept coming and coming," Anselmo boasted. "It got to the point where I almost had to physically grab these !@#$ and choke them to death, because they were writing so many bad-ass riffs. It was like, 'Stop! We've got 10 days left! Let's make this record!' And I tell you, we had enough riffs to make eight records."

While his bandmates jammed away on the parts they had written, Anselmo sat upstairs in his house and feverishly penned lyrics. The band's penchant to party only added to the chaos.

"No one had anything done in advance," guitarist Keenan said later during a call from his New York hotel. "So we're bringing tapes up to Phil as we finish them. And I'm downstairs with Kurt working on guitars. And Jimmy and Rex are trying to figure out how to keep the rhythms tight. In the meantime we're all eating truckers' speed, drinking beer and going apeshit. It was like a warzone."

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The Pepper Keenan Board

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Re: Pepper Talks Down

That episode of the Dave Hill show (with Phil Anselmo) where they call up Pep at home to ask him about that time he supposedly killed some pirates. Funny !@#$! I heard it years ago and can't seem to find it now... if anyone has a link, please post!
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