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'Nother old II review

 New Orleans' Down, featuring Pantera's Philip Anselmo (vocals) and Rex Brown (bass), C.O.C.'s Pepper Keenan (guitars), Eyehategods's Jimmy Bower (drums) and Crowbar's Kirk Windstein (guitars) have set Down: II as the tentative title for their long-awaited second album, reports.

Described as "swampy-bluesy-Sabbathy," Down: II was recorded during a 26-day stretch in early November and features material that's nearly four years old. The following quotes were taking from regarding the new album.

"Most of that stuff was different jam sessions that we did in 1998. From there we took these tapes and jammed them out in an old barn down in the swamps of Louisiana. We got 15 tracks done in 26 days there. Written, arranged, lyrics and recorded all in 26 fuckin' days! We had three cases of Ramen Noodles and $6,000 worth of booze and we didn't leave that f.ckin' place until it was finished. All of this in the damn swamp too. (laughter) We all just decided that we were all going to be off in the Fall (of 2001) and we should just put our heads down and get it done and out there. It was just some controlled !@#$ chaos. No TV, no nothing. We had nothing else to do there but the music and it came out !@#$ killer."

"[The material on the album is] really diverse. It's got all kinds of crazy sh.t like Pepper playing this 1930s steel guitar way out in the weeds of the swamp with Phil singing on it. We were in NJ for the last few days mixing things until yesterday when we headed here to NYC to master it all. It's unbelievable."

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