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Message From Down (bulletin) at MySpace


We added a couple of live tunes to our player. Ghosts Along The Mississippi and Losing All. These were recorded in Washington DC at the 9:30 Club shortly after Down recorded the acoustic version of Stone the Crow a few blocks away at the XM Radio studio on November 21, 2002. NO overdubs, NO rehearsal, NO clue they were being recorded for the future release of the tunes, NO excuses. This is Down in the raw.

There are pictures of this actual concert on our official website here:
Click on 11/21/02 DC

The Down International Online Store is temporarily closed! We apologize for any inconvenience. It's closed for the duration of the European tour. This is the only tour the store will be closed for. The store will reopen shortly after we return... about June 20. Everybody who got their order in before the store closed will have their stuff shipped out before the tour begins.

The U.S./Canada store will close in a week so get your orders in! Same as above, sorry for the inconvenience and this is the only tour it will be closed during, and it too, will reopen around June 20.

Take care,



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