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COC show review

originally found here:
Corrosion Of Conformity showed they can still do it like the old days when they popped into Salt Lake City's Club Vegas with special guests Alabama Thunder Pussy, Fu-Manchu and Weedeater. The bands rocked the place with old and new favorites ... and COC even pulled a special tribute to "The Dime!"

In The Arms Of Corrosion
Story and photos by Thomas Garner

Knowing the members from Corrosion of Conformity like to interact with their fans, we arrived at the venue early in hopes of getting photos taken with the band and having a poster signed. Turns out we showed up just as the caterer was serving dinner. Not wanting to be screaming schoolgirl Beatlesque fans, we let them eat in peace while we sweltered in the Salt Lake summer sun.

As show time approached the Salt Lake underground came to life. Fans lined up at the door awaiting entrance and a reprieve from the heat. In light of the recent stabbing at a Tampa, FL show and the shooting of Dimebag Darrel, who was a personal friend of the COC guys, security was as tight as I've seen in recent years.

Security first got the attention of everybody waiting in line. "If you have any contraband; drink, green, weapons of kind, even a small pocketknife on your key ring, wallet chains, ANYTHING, take it back to your vehicle now. If we find it, we will confiscate it and you will not be allowed into the show." Then they started filing people in.

Empty pockets and a complete body frisk was the tune of the day. A metal detector and full cavity search would be the only way this could've been more thorough. A search of my camera bag and I was in. I commend the band, the promoter, and the venue for their attention to this very important matter.

Once inside we found some friends sitting at a table and laid claim to the extra chairs. I checked out the merch tables. The opening act Weedeater had CDs and Ts for sale along with a note that read "Fill me" attached to a baggie. I made my way to the COC merch table and purchased a new T-shirt and belt buckle while my friend picked up their latest CD In the Arms of God.

Weedeater was up first. Being unfamiliar with their music I can't remember what songs they played, but did enjoy their down-tuned, slow groove, southern styled metal. Dixie Dan was a madman on the bass, throwing down some mean bottom end and vocals to match. Weedeater blasted through some six or seven songs and sadly the groove came to an end.

Next up was Alabama Thunder Pussy. Now this is some thunderous molten moonshine dredged up from the depths of Richmond, VA. This five piece tore through a fairly short set of their concoction of Skynard-meets-Sabbath metal.

Fu-Manchu hit the stage next. By this time the crowd had seriously thickened. They ran through some material from their latest album Start The Machine as well as some older favorites. The Fu could have held this crowd on their own as headliners ... they had this crowd up in arms with their high energy rock n roll, but alas they were merely getting everybody primed for the deed about to be done.

It's been said that COC's latest album is a glorious return to form. Starting with "It Is That Way" from their latest release In The Arms Of God they are most certainly at the top of their game. Moving into "Paranoid Opioid" they had the crowd in fits. They played a couple songs from some older albums while the audience ate it up. Mike Dean on bass and Woody on guitar traded lead vocal duties for "Infinite War," a chilling introspective on current events. What a nice surprise to be taken back in time nearly 20 years as they cranked out "Hungry Child" from 1987's Animosity album. This one really got the mosh pit going and those in the pit did a fine job of regulating themselves and keeping things friendly.

For the song "Rise River Rise," Pepper broke out a mandolin and politely asked if it was OK for him to play it in our town. The crowd gave their enthusiastic approval. "We wrote this next song when we just a bunch of dumb kids, now we realize how smart we were," was Pepper Keenan's introduction to "Vote With A Bullet" from 1991's Blind album. For the final number Pepper dedicated the song "In The Arms Of God" to his fallen friend Dimebag Darrell. At this point the crowd was absolutely off the hook. The band took a short break while the entire crowd chanted COC repeatedly until they came back for an encore with "13 Angels" and closed out the night with "Clean My Wounds" with an extended Clutch-style jam session in the middle of the song.

After the show finished we decided to hang out at the club hoping to meet up with the band afterwards. We were rewarded for our patience as Mike Dean and Pepper Keenan both took the time to talk with us, sign some merchandise, and posed with some fans for pictures.


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Re: COC show review

I love reading show reviews - makes me wish they were touring again.
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