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posticon Your help is needed!! UPDATED 4/7

Hey folks!

Jason (Pepper's brother), made the following post over at the down board:

Its not often that I ask people for favors, but I'm asking for one right now. The band I manage, Antarctica vs the World, is on this compilation album called "Welcome to Creepsville." Specifically, the song "Modern Day Dr. Jekyll". What I'm asking from you all is to go to this website and VOTE for them.

The band with the most votes gets some band equipment and believe me....ANY band equipment would be very helpful right now after that !@#$ Katrina hit us.

Thanks yall. I appreciate it.

I offered to post it here as well. Please take a moment & help Jason out & vote!

Thanks! emoticon

EDITED: Hey folks! The contest is still going on - so if you haven't voted yet - PLEASE take a moment & do so. Jason's band is in the lead - but another band is quickly catching up.

Thanks again!


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Re: Your help is needed!!

This is the 3d time I read that... the 4th, considering the Down board... mmmh, I'll vote other 3 times (if they identify me by my Ip-address...) emoticon

"How solid our ignorance-
how empty our substance
and the conscience
keeps bleeding
and decay is slow-
children grow."
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