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ATTENTION!! Runboard problem

Hey everyone - last night Runboard went down & remained down for several hours. Here is a statement made by runboard:

"Runboard's ISP had a power outage this morning 7 AM GMT. Unfortunately, this happened right before the daily backup takes place. The data has been corrupted and I had no choice other than restore the last good backup I had - the one of Jan 13, 2006 (yesterday).

So we've lost 24 hours worth of data - sorry about it, not much I can do about it at this point.

All the forums, PM, and user accounts are in the state the were in yesterday, at 9:15 GMT.

This also concerns the user accounts and boards created since then - they don't exist any more and must be recreated if needed."

So unfortunately - any & all posts/pm's made were lost.

If you made a post yesterday & you find it gone now - be rest assured that your post was NOT deleted by the admin's - it was the runboard glitch.

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Re: ATTENTION!! Runboard problem

yeah i know and it focking sucks aswell i was beginning to think i'd been banned!! but oh well i've relieved my withdrawls!! emoticon emoticon

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